Being an aspiring artist and having a creative sense, I’ve developed a small love for fashion and clothing throughout the years. I’ve decided to create a place here on my blog to showcase some of my favorite looks that I wear or have worn. Though I’m not one who gets a chance very often to dress up or try out many looks, I’m looking forward to growing with my fashion sense, stepping out of my comfort zone, and showing you guys how much I appreciate the element of colors and style. Being a plus-size girl, I haven’t always had the confidence to try many things outside of what I’m mentally conditioned to wear. With time, I’ve been able to slowly break out of that mindset and create looks to make me feel great about myself and what I choose to wear. I’m excited to really explore that side of myself as well as share with you guys.



Floral Flavor


Veez In Steeze


Duck Season


Easter Sunday/Resurrection Day

Migos Material


White Ice


Tiger Royal