Underdog (The Last Girl)

Underdog (The Last Girl)

“Sitting on the bleachers, It’s the game of love and life. She’s waiting to be called in to play. Getting the vibe that people don’t want her to play. She’d make an exit off the field right now if she really had her way

Frustrated and prematurely humiliated with a reality that’s torn between being alright and jaded.

The story of a girl and her confidence.

From as far as she could remember, the season of being given unfair chances ran from every January to December.

She became all too familiar with being told how she doesn’t understand, how she’s out of her league, how she doesn’t get it, her intelligence being disrespected before getting the opportunity to direct it.

It’s unfortunate that lack of a few experiences land you in the zone of being out of your mind and unprepared, by a person’s unofficial declare.

It’s a shame.

But artistic expression keeps her going, and knowing, that she’s got a reason to push through and try to continue growing.

The simple girl with the complex mind, her intentions are good with a heart so kind.

But it seems like she’s being carried by the feel of her warm demeanor into the invisible zone. I guess when you’ve got the good heart, you’re bound to be left alone.

Faces and places, she knows plenty.
Feeling connected, there isn’t many.

A deep breath leaves her and the will to hold back her tears grows harder.

One of those harder moments.

Nights like this she questions her worth, wondering if she’s good enough, thoughts cause her heart to grow heavy with hurt, and the pain getting rough.

She’s so much wiser and realer than they see, so much better than they believe her to be.

She’s overlooked and underestimated.

But the girls with the pretty faces and fat asses,

Mouthy, rude, and classless,

Are overrated.

Overflowing with stories about all of the good guys they dated.

Just taking advantage, boy do they know how to manage.

Just an example of what she witnesses.

Scrolling through social networks, seeing the wrong people getting the right attention, all of the unacceptable acts just prepared for honorable mentions.

Maybe if she acts out of her character, people will notice and care for her.

Such is the common mistake in this game of love and life. Taking a stab at who we are to be taken seriously with a shady knife.

I guess things always jump off between doing and being opposites, and the constant realization of those odds brings down her confidence.

And so that explains the approach by the smoky suitors who claim to look for the beauty inside, when they just wanna get inside , and take their sexual ride.

Unfortunately her counterparts of the slept on give in, they do what ever they can to get slept with. And the regret of their actions and loss if their dignity are what they get left with.

But she’s better than a moment in bed, comforting lies being fed, into her head, it’s unacceptable.

The sense of good morals rests easy in her spirit.

Trying to ignite her spark of direction, she’s trying to make sense of what to do, to be acknowledged and not seen through.

She never cared for acceptance, but she believes everyone deserves to be respected.

She wants the factors of simplicity for herself,
Happiness, love, success, moral support, and health.

Dreaming everyday, of one day, being the great guy’s one and only, aside from being solely, just his friend, buddy or homie.

The usual position of the girl with the good heart and big dreams.

Such a beautiful soul, that’s for sure, with a great backstory untold, a smile of white with a heart of gold, to match and much more.

She chooses from now on to tag herself into the game of love and life, even though she may be the last girl left on the bleachers, and at least she won’t have the added pressure from others to conquer and become her own team leader.

No one will defeat her…

She’s had to miss out on a lot, feeling stuck each day like a tight knot…

She’s unsure of the future..

But somehow, someway, she’s hopeful that an underdog like her will come out on top.”

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