Next To Me

Next To Me


” Late into the autumn night, I’m trying to shift my mind, I don’t wanna fall into my thoughts. I’d rather just leave them behind.

But my body is burning up in a cold state of mind. A sense of sensual calm is hard to find.

Thinking heavy about the unforgettable soul of a man that romantically affected me.

Damn, I just want him next to me.

He’s got my head all messed up from how much he’s respected me. I’m scared to tell him the deal because I don’t want him rejecting me.

So I’m left here with my thoughts.
Drowning my body in mental distraught.

Sexual tension, invading the dimension,
in my mind.

The love that I long for, I’m taken away by my mental and I see myself in him more.

Hours and days are passing like time had a deadline to meet. Shyt is crazy because I’m keeping my urges discreet.

Fighting with myself, I wanna betray my will so my curiosity can cheat.

My eyes close, as I’m in this bed and my imagination blossoms like a bleeding rose.

It’s insane.

Thinking of you, deep breaths and skipped heart beats internally over the things I wanna do, showering in the sensual scent of sexual solitude, make me feel safe with your physical rescue.

In my reality, you’re too far away but your mental touch keeps you here with me in many ways.

You don’t know how intoxicating you are. Let’s get drunk off of love in this dream bar, of wild chemistry and melting stars.

Lock your sienna eyes in my brown and search into my soul.

Make me feel wanted by you. Light a fire inside of me and make me whole.

Put your hands into mine. Let our souls intertwine, and make the energy we’ve created in this dreamworld divine.

Wrap your arms around my waist. Bring your lips close to me and enlighten me with a puckered taste.

Grab me by my mind and dominate my conscience against the wall. Touch me slow and kiss me like never before. Give me your all.

Grip to me and love on my body endlessly, to the point where your name is all I wanna call.

Make love to me baby like it’s the first and last time. Call me your fantasy. There’s no need to rush because I’ve got all night to dream.

Kiss my aura with your comfort.
Be one with me all night until the sun returns.

Breaking away from myself as I get lost in this dancing dream of bliss with you, lying to myself countless times when I just wanna steal a kiss from you. Don’t want to ever end this with you.
Already baby, I’m missing you.

I don’t wanna wake back up. Don’t wanna go back to wondering if you notice me enough.

Let’s stay in this trance together, be down for whatever, and continuously recreate the ignited magic of our passion forever.

Lay beside me. Let’s get verbally intimate and talk about our dreams as the background plays our favorite hits.

Laughing at the amazing memories of our life journeys, thinking about the accomplishments we’ve made for the things we were once yearning, and learning, it’s all possible.

Let’s snap photos and candids while we’re barely covered, pointing the lens to you, there’s so many details to be discovered.

Stand behind and hold me darling as we watch the sun come up. Pour into me your scent and your touch. Let it run over in my cup.

Take control of me once more. Relax me and run your vibes through my core.

Blow me away with the warmth of your body. My stomach is getting knotty. Everything I want and need is the trait that you embody.

I feel you starting to fade away, when all I wanna say, is here with you is where I want to stay.

Is this ending? Is it time to open my eyes and leave the land of mental spending, and wishful pretending?

Just 5 more minutes.. no how about 10? I’m doing what I can to make it all feel less likely to end.

Dreaming of actions blocked by the words left unspoken, and all of that was calculated in my mind last night from the scenarios where I wasn’t choking.

Waking up now from the dimension that I didn’t wanna leave.

Damn, I just want him next to me.

It felt so good, doing things with him I thought I never would and never even imagined I could.

Laying here, thinking of you, while reality functions and turns, sad at that thought that I’m not with you anymore and this fire inside just burns.

Should I feel foolish like a clown in a circus? Have I been too hopeful to the idea that love and desire between us could surface?

I’m longing for your company and daydreaming about how being with you is so comforting.

Thinking of your touch, and I’m missing you so much.

You make me happy and as I fall I don’t want anyone but you to catch me. Is this happening? Has my sense of passion and physicality grown to the point where it’s attacking me? Rapidly.

Fantasies of me & the man I fell for and wanted to get lost with sensually and sexually, after all of this that I’ve experienced,

Damn, I just want him next to me. “

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