Level of Love

Level of Love

“The way you treat me, your heart, your values, and mind, they put my thoughts of you at an all-time high.

And everytime I realize I can’t even call you mine, I just wanna break down and endlessly cry.

But no matter what, I keep a smile,
Because I know just seeing your face or hearing your voice will be worthwhile.

The friendship we have has been nothing but real, and that’s why I want to tell you how I feel.

I can’t stunt, this situation has brought me to tears, just because of my rejection fears.

It’s had me up all night, because these feelings have been hard to fight.

I always fantasize about the day where I can feel your lips touching mine, that alone would make my heart start to shine.

Everytime you tell me you love me, I feel like no one but God is above me.

I always keep stressing about us being way too different and how a connection wouldn’t work out, but you’re the only boy on this level of love I think about.

I’ll admit, it gets tense sometimes just being your friend, but I love, respect, and appreciate you too much to just let this friendship up and end.

Imma be woman enough to understand if you might not feel the same, and I definitely don’t take that as a game.

I’m not gonna come on too strong, Despite the fact that I’ve kept this in so long.

I’m not trying to push you away,
I’d rather have you forever in my life to stay.

If the feelings are mutual we don’t have to rush, We can take our time, You truly are my biggest crush, and no matter what happens, I’m positive things between us will be just fine.”

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