“It’s hitting the late midnight hour on this cold and rainy night. Inspiration is spreading, while my eyes are getting heavy. My heart is beating steady, and finally I’m ready, to address the moments of the world with the soul that hit me mentally.

In the bed where my body is laid, I’m asleep, as my soul sweeps, away to the place where the limits are infinite, and complexity is found in the simplest of shit.

In the starter stage, to a place I moved up to with coming of age, emerged into a world of the busy and unknown, where it’s rough for a girl like me to easily engage.

I’m feeling out of place, though I’m filled with a creative grace and keeping the common courtesy present with a smile on my face.

Quickly coming into the presence of positive company, I thank my lucky stars that she’s warm and her sense of humor is comforting.

Smiles, laughs, and boy stories, just shooting the shit like two teenage girls. Headstrong and open-minded with big puffs and twist out curls. Talking about how we want to change the world, that’s what we can call the black girl twirl.

She excesses where I lack with my words, but granted, wings fly on a social butterfly and everything runs deeper into action and thought with the creative nerd.

As we get comfortable and the surroundings become more tolerable, I see the sun inside the presence of a captivating soul, out my window blow me away as I stand still.

I can’t take my eyes off of the smoothness of his chocolate skin. The ivory of his smile, the demeanor that is carried, I’ve never been so stunned by anyone quite like him.

Closer with positivity present, I find myself making my way into his presence.

Two completely different worlds colliding in the middle of this field, there’s so many people around but his scent and his aura are all that I see, sense, and feel.

Looks from the girls of the different crowd shook my confidence a little bit once I came down off the cloud.

Thanks to my nerves, our conversation had a short duration, but from the look in his eyes, this wasn’t going to be another simple situation.

I remember him grabbing the softness of my hand as he held it close to his heart. I knew there and then it would be sooner than later that we’d no longer be apart.

His caring runs through my veins and it’s such an indescribable feeling that I can’t explain. My mind is racing and my head hurts, but I crave the pain.

Because of him.

The passionate angel that affected my soul with his craft, leaving the thirst for more in a place so out of my league that I didn’t know how to react.

The voice of an angel on earth, singing sweetness to my soul and doubling the importance of my worth with his words.

The runs hitting me and giving my nerves chills, his vibrato giving my skin thrills

I need him so.

The day goes into a blur and I end up unsure, if I’ll ever see him again.
No, This can’t be the end.

Arrives suddenly is the night sky,
Passion in the air is nigh and the thoughts of my moment with his soul are at a high.

Formal is the name of the game as everyone gathers together for good conversation, and an extravagant event as a brief vacation.

Dressed in red cashmere and glistening in gold, I stand in the company of those familiar with my passion and my stance is bold.

Embraced by the company thankful for my selflessness and acknowledged by the one where my talents filled the cup of his artistic emptiness.

But all I could think about was the guy that sparked my happiness, and how just one touch from him with no hesitation would get me out of this dress.

Walking around this theater feeling empty tonight, I stand under the stained glass ceiling glistening within the outside moonlight.

My head is down, and I don’t want to be around, but I hear a voice whisper in my ear to turn around.

I feel him all through my veins and from that moment on, I’m not the same.

His hands wrap around my waist as his lips kiss my neck. His touch is truly a feeling that is hard to forget.

Hugging for what felt like eternity, he was with me all night and his urges were yearning for me.

With not a care, he’s out of his body and he’s one with mine and the love we make in this private room is divine.

But in my mind,
I wonder.

‘Is this too good to be true? You’re craving for me the way that I’m craving for you.’

He’s so surreal and so concealed,
But damn, he feels so real.

Will it ever be more than this?
I can’t let this be our only kiss.
I don’t want you to become the memory that I’ll miss.

You’re so perfect and you’re so worth it.

Baby, you blow me away, I don’t want you to go away, oh please stay.

Please stay…
Please stay…

It’s the next day and awake I lay, and I now realize it only just another display, of a dream

But the connection I shared with this soul was so much deeper than what it seemed.

It’s evident that I can’t stop thinking about him.

The feeling he brought to my life made the hard light of a lonely reality dim.

Thinking he’s out there is my conscience going far out on a limb.

Damn, I swear I need him.”

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