Chance Encounter

Chance Encounter 


“A cold winter afternoon, I laid awake in my bed as the negative energy from getting up too early hit my body.

My eyes grew heavy, as I fell asleep.

I’m taken away for a ride into the unknown that’ll change my life for a little while, even though the temporary fixes aren’t my style.

Little to my knowledge, this dream ride will be pretty wild.

Quite unexpecting at the moment since I just fell deep, into my sleep.

Take yourself to a place you never been, to a spot in a part of a world you’d never regularly associate yourself with.

Currently being unconscious, it’s evident, that you can’t help it.

Give your comfort zone a break.

Put your conscience in a position where it’s rough to relate.

Bet on your overactive mind and raise the stakes.

Jumping to a melancholy town, so small, secluded and run down.

The works of my mind don’t even have enough mental circumference to wrap around.

But that’s what I’m trying to decipher anyway.

Smoking on a packet of cheap cigarettes, relieving my mental stress, walking around trying to find enough life ingredients to make a taste of the perfect sense, of all this.

The fate of a chance encounter leads me into the company of a growing boy transitioning to a man. I realize the history of his presence in my life. He’s one of my long distant but old friends and bigger fans.

Raised in the same town at separate times, our loyalties lied on different sides, and our journey began on mindless shots and heavy displays of childish pride.

An average class clown, with a slick mouth and vocabulary so wide, it was enough to let my guard down and put my hesitance towards his flaws to the side.

The respect of being real with one another binding us civilly, it’s love these days in reality when we connect, so there’s no burial service for chivalry.

We come to the mutual decision to forget it all.

Take off the burdens of dealing with the bullshyt.

Let’s converse, have some laughs and mentally stall.

Spending the day of the dream discussing the things going on in our two worlds. My lack of luck with the guys and his ups and downs with the pace of southern girls.

Transitioning from a bench in the park to the back seat of his Crimson Red jeep. We’re in sync with people who felt like strangers, but the vibes going on flushed out the signs of danger.

Hitting a mannequin challenge to our doubts and worries, we’re letting the moments be so we’re not in a hurry.

My jaw clicks from the shock of the fun I sit and witness. I’m closing my mouth so my ears can listen, to the vibes he’s giving, and the looks he’s hinting.

I wanna be swept away to another place with him.

I’m comforted by the company of his eyes and the warmth of his vibe. So we ditch the rest of the crowd and we go inside.

The presence around is loud and busy. The energy of his family is outspoken for my taste, but I’m able to keep up and entertain some conversation so my mental doesn’t get dizzy.

Dealing with crowded spaces, I just wanna find my way back to him and get into a warm embracing.

Milly rocks, Hennessy, and Bachata to set the mood, but I’m thinking about the things that I’d rather do, with him.

I’m in this space of warm love, hardwood floors, and a high quantity of positive presence. I’m so embraced by courtesy and love that I can barely finish my sentences.

Meeting a younger and underestimated brother who lost his way, and looking for a better way, to convey, that he wants to get to a healthier stage.

A mother so dedicated to giving others the best chance and help but she doesn’t have the selfish conscience to give it to herself.

A sister with a peace sign complex who can dance until her feet give out, and knows what her worth is about.

I’m seeing him shut down and disappear to his room. I don’t hesitate to go after him to see if he’s cool, and figure out if there’s anything I can do.

The path represents the journey it takes to get through. There’s a few glass doors to break through, some tight spaces to shimmy and shake through, and I finally manage to make due, and get through, to him.

I see him on the bed, stripped down to his mocha and honey flesh, but his head is a mess.

I’m worried about his mental,

So I wanna make sure that I’m being gentle.

He opens up to me.

He tells me that he wants me.

And how my presence in this moment helps him feel free.

I wanna control myself, but I’m still dreaming and my willpower was a presence not felt.

There’s no titles or feeling since this is only for tonight, but it’s alright, because this feels right.

He’s pulling me in for a french kiss on my lips, making me shake as his hands descend down my hips.

Many things to discover as we undress near these sheets and covers.

We proceed to take it down, shaking the bed and ground.

With untapped passion all night, spending the night in this room with my homie from a past point in my life.

I touch the skin of his body slow and smooth, as we fall deeper into this groove.

His skin melting on top of mine, he’s deep inside as my feet start to glide. Knowing what he’s doing to me tonight is a reaction on my face I can’t hide.

Things wind down as we lay around after countless rounds with our inhibitions stripped on the ground.

A physical transition to shift the time from late night to an early day. I figured easily that it was time for me to be on my way.

I wasn’t exactly sure where the next destination was going to be, but he insisted and begged, ‘Stay with me’.

Sharing a cheap smoke in his bed together, we knew that this wouldn’t last forever, but damn that sex last night couldn’t have been better.

My neck got chills,

thinking of the physical thrills,

we dealt with.

But I was ready to get out of his bed,

Maybe go to grab a high school special at the spot and shoot the shyt about the stupid things we did back in 2010 instead.

But I alas forget it’s all in my head.

The alarm plays as I awake from the dream, that I realized then and there was dead.

It’s 5 in the afternoon and the slumber ended so soon.

It’s interesting  how the mind works isn’t it? Making a hard to see scenario percentage become so infinite.

Damn, it’s crazy that it all seemed like a life that I knew, but either way, to my friend, it was good to see you.”

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