“That 13th day in october , I sat in my mother’s living room, she passed by me as she swept the rug with her black broom.

My laptop’s screen was displaying facebook, and I saw a new message and poke and thought to take a look,

The name that showed up was yours, I felt thrown off since it never showed up before .

You asked me to design and edit your picture, but at the time I figured your intentions were, “let me just use her and ditch her.”

But then I read the rest of your inbox, I appreciated your love and praise of me. My reaction was out of the box , and in my heart a yes to you came so easily .

I remember the burgundy and black colors, it was the first edit to lead off 6 others .

After that day, weeks passed as we started to slowly become close. I knew then my bond w// you was different from most.

Soon after numbers and bbms were traded. From us as kids to now all of our old animosity faded.

I saw you for the first time after a decade in march, seeing you on the stage doing your thing moved me like it was an important piece of art.

Over this past year we’ve become quite the pair, we have such a special wierdness, and obviously it’s rare .

We’re definitely attached at the hip , it’s as serious as you were that summer day tearing up that cherry fundip.

Our bond is mixed of personal and business , but the greatest thing is, our chemistry is so calm and consistent.

Its amazing to me how we never argue or fight, this is the first friendship where we both keep doing things just right.

It almost feels like it’s perfect, everything we’ve done and gone through as a team has definitely been worth it.

I love how we talk every single day, it’s like regardless of any little problem, nothing stands in our way.

The distance between you and I went from heavy to light, cause no matter how far we are, our bond is always shining just that bright.

Everytime we have our heart to hearts, I realize how impossible it is for this to fall apart.

Even the nights where I’ve lied, you’ve been angry, and I’ve pushed you away, you always let me know that no matter what, forever in my life you were gonna stay.

So many foolish things could of had us parted, but we’ve always remembered that home is where the art is.

You’ve developed a lifetime lease in my heart, we have the strongest connection from your music and my art.

You definitely came back into my life for a reason, our friendship is so strong and we’ve been here through every season.

You’ve become my teammate, my bestfriend, and my brother. You’ve had my back like no other.

Sometimes I start to cry because I can’t believe how blessed I am to have a great person like you by my side.

You wear my band, as I wear your wood, that way we’re symbolically with one another, which is better than good.

We’ve had such an amazing journey together, I know well that we’ll value each other forever.

I’ll probably never run out of amazing things to say, I’ve interpreted 3 letters along the way. You’ve made me who I am today, thank you for everything C-D-J .”

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