“Late night pouring into the morning, as she lays, the sound of ‘New Americana’ plays through her ear. Somehow the makings of the circumstances at hand are all she can hear.

Better days had and still have the chances to present themselves, they provide her with a greater sense of health and the richest kind of wealth.

But the hard days, they’ve come with more force, coming out to play. They’ve gotten comfortable enough to permanently stay. Looks like the pessimistic energy has had its way.

The sunshine evacuates for safe keeping behind the clouds. Frustration has its chance amongst the souls that make up the rain-clouded and screams out loud.

Events of the unexpected and the heart breaking happening, and no one can explain but can’t help but wonder why they keep happening.

Losses of the souls funny, wise, and outspoken

Her hope towards better days ahead becoming slightly broken.

She’s choking.
And her perception of life becomes a fear unspoken.

Each day of the summer season passing, hours, minutes, and seconds go by and the thoughts of wondering if enough is ever done harassing, harassing her mind.

Busy is the feelings going on in her body and the words that seem to be the simplest to say, become the toughest to convey.

Tossing and turning,
The fire for acceptance in her heart burning
And her gut feelings churning, around.

Crying some nights, wondering if everything will be alright.

Flying in the sky,
unsure of how she manages to survive
Mental turbulence to the mind

Caught in between working towards the politically correct things in life and shaping what she wants out of it.

Occasionally giving something precious that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and still wondering how the optimism within got so slanted.

Stuck somewhere in the clouds with fear fueling the flight and trying to challenge herself enough to get up and fight.

Operating in autopilot mode, and the criminal cases of being the color in this gray world is in the process of going cold.

She’s finding herself, but she’s by herself

People asking about a life they’re not a part of and making sure the answer is what’s expected, and she’s fed up,  if she doesn’t say something accepting, she’s in the running to be socially rejected.

How did this treatment ever get accepted?
It’s become the norm to be disrespected.

And each day people celebrate with hate because It’s opposite day for the wretched.

The soul she trusts the most hurts, as well as another as he questions his worth.

He closes the chapter that brought light in and casted away his darkness. He wears his defeat, as it beats, where his heart is.

Being incomplete herself , she avoids the possibility of opening up and fears the chance of the odds becoming worse.

Trying to press on, and though far in the distance, trying to mentally march on.

Still in the skies, traveling on the wonders of the negative and hoping they’re all lies.

But it doesn’t get the chance to last much longer, because now, the fighting within is getting stronger.

The sounds of the impossible grace presence, and little to her knowledge come to the rescue to provide her a moral and lesson.

Looking outside of the plane’s window, watching
the optimism fly in unison and uniforms, the strength and integrity of those immortals, fighting against the cold world to keep her heart and mind warm.

Lighting strikes, wings fly, and mystery appears.
The triangle of reason comes to put rest to the fears. She hasn’t been so surprised at this quality of life in years.

Pushed and challenged to look inside and give herself the credit for accomplishing the impossible, and now her accepting how strong she is is no longer the main obstacle.

The better days will show, and staying positive is what needs to be known.

The skies get lighter and the love in her heart becomes a little brighter.

All because of the rare souls soaring next the plane in the emotional autopilot, there’s no need for the unstable creatures from the negatively inevitable events to come back in, and create from her soul a riot.

At least for now, she opens the story to the things that aren’t a reality to teach her about the value of morality.

The impossible is now logical,
As she pays homage to the souls that gave her hope to overcome her obstacle.”

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