” Stepping once again off the midnight train, in a direction to peacefully walk home, the beautiful soul, she’s given a chance to reflect while she’s finally alone.

Thinking about the amazing day, all of the days of her life lately that have happened. She’s pretty proud of and surprised at the activity in her actions.

Taking part in conversations, having her shot at icebreaking, co-existing with new faces, experiencing new places, and not running away from the crowded spaces.

She’s come a long way, blossoming from her guarded days.

It hasn’t hit her, but she’s open to frequently going through the random videos and dying at the silly pictures.

Positive thoughts surface.
Finally arriving home, still just reflecting with purpose.

Her company, her amazing company
Endlessly giving the blessing of being comforting.

One special creature.
With the realest friendly features
That she’s come across.
What a catch.

The matching, passionate soul to her beautiful one, coming together, creating a special vibe of fun. Despite some scenarios of losses, being with the other they consider themselves to have won.
Breaking the cycle of winter coming and his presence wearing away, having heavy life decisions get in the way.

He’s kept the promises he once made to her, promising to never fade away from her.

She’s gives the credit because its due, she was wrong about the time apart setting up the bond to be over. Evidently, its far from through. Then again, if that happened and her prediction was true, wouldn’t really be anything she could do.

But it wasn’t like she didn’t understand what it sometimes had to be , she knew he always had to put himself and his commitments first.

She deeply missed him so, but being important to him, is something she never forgot to know.

He’s always loved her, very much so, she always loved him more though. That’s just an example of their many soft, common, and playful battles.

Here and now, things are the best they’ve been on this journey of a bond. All of the moments and the time, they’ve become fond.

Everyday, slowly, they’re becoming more adjacent to one another, connecting like no other, protective of each other, like a sister and brother. Perfectly, passionate, undying chemistry like fully understood lovers.

Products of a few unwanted circumstances and awkward conversations, but just being able to remember what’s important and keeps them bonded ends the tension with a silly celebration.

Closer than most, Sharing a moment 4 weekends out of 4, She never thought it was possible but she’s finding herself preparing and planning for more.

She dwells still.

Thinking of the right way, to say, how appreciative she is of those unforgettable days.

To him.

They’re growing in quantity,
comforting in quality.

Things are good. But she doesn’t know, maybe too good, so, occasionally she gets nervous. Knocking on the closest piece of wood.

Shamefully wearing the hat of a worry wart,
She’s scared because she’s growing vulnerable.

Afraid of a storm washing away the bliss of the platonics, an unwanted coincidence, creating an illusion that something far from broken could still be put on a list for a fix.

Never knowing, if a punch is in the process of a throwing.

Is she tripping?
Or does she not wanna experience him being around and mentally feel like there’s something missing?

Maybe its too far ahead of a thought.

Its different for her, confiding and effortlessly letting in the guy who will do anything for her.

She loves what she’s gained.
She’s fully invested and he feels the same.

The risk she’s become open enough to take, no longer is she quickly thinking of it becoming a mistake.

So she’s scared.
Scared of him, scared of realizing their truth.
It hits her.
She’s attached to the all amazing things they do.

Contemplating if she should let him know.

Overthinking during some of her days and nights, tangled up thoughts in her simply complex mind.

Uh oh. She’s putting an insecure judgment onto her character and her intentions, wondering if she’s showing too much or not enough affection?

Constantly dealing with the mental dilemma of being too outside of the line for relatives in his heart, too introvert for and intimidated by the friends before her that have been there from the start. Feeling too innocent, for the girls that have had the romantic involvement.

Then again, maybe she’s just in a category of her own. She’s got enough titles in his eyes to rest on a priceless throne.

If that’s what is it, He might as well pop a squat
She’s already set up his spot.
Because in her life, he surely means a lot.

But let’s not be too metaphorical.

Asking herself where things will go between them at this point should be a question ruled rhetorical.

Neither one can answer, because neither one knows. And that’s usually how it goes.

But as long as they continue to come together in a way for embracing, that bond won’t ever come close to breaking, those two hearts will remain humble and near, that love and caring for one another staying adjacent.

Me and the beautiful soul vibed.
She made me feel alive.

My words to her were..

Hold him close, as he holds you down, let him know you’re happy to have him around.

Embrace being open, don’t harm your mind from the words unspoken.

As long as you two continue to together and individually grow, That bond being genuine is the one thing you’ll always know.

Just like that, her thoughts became a little eased and clearer.

And me..

I could finally breathe easy, crack a smile, and step away from the mirror.”

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