A big place that I get a lot of inspiration from is my bedroom. As long as I’ve been creative I’ve always wanted to be the person who had their walls completely covered. I’m especially obsessed with collaging as well as the element of fashion and photography. I ended up starting a magazine subscription just to gather material to create some amazing illusions on my walls. At first, I had the largest wall in my room as a collage and the back of my bedroom door, but I recently collaged the rest of my room and I am in LOVE with it. I gives me good vibes as well as a busy kind of energy so it isn’t very boring. I hope to create even more amazing things in my room with my walls. Such an artistic sanctuary, which is perfect for my mind as a creative and artistic individual.

Shot of the collage on the left side of my bedroom, right over my bed. (Fuchsia UV Filter) [18-55 mm lens]
Black and White of the left side wall and corner [18-55mm lens]
Rightmost corner and side of the room [18-55mm lens]
Rightmost corner and side of the room [Fuchsia UV Filter] [18-55mm]
Other side of the right wall. [Cooling Blue Filter] [18-55mm]
Zoomed shot of the collage on my door. Oldest collage in the room [Made in 2013] [70-300mm lens]
Focused shot of the “Create Your Legacy” cutout on my door. [Warming Filter] [70-300mm lens]