Hey guys. It’s been a little bit, but I’m glad to be back with some great photos to share, as well as some progress ! For this shoot, me and my friend Yusuf (Nooka) came together once again to take and create some visions through photo form. After much planning and going back and forth with ideas, we decided to take advantage of the night setting for a change from the last shoot (When Rewby Met Nooka) and get some good shots throughout the local theater area. What I really enjoyed about this shoot was being able to take advantage of many things and accessories I’ve been able to pick up since our last one. I wasn’t only able to tap into my inspiration from some great reading material about the element of creativity, but I was able to also apply some tips I’ve gotten just doing research on the subject of photography and what it truly entails from a deeper perspective. I was able to try out some different angles, as well as some suggestions from Sef. He really challenged me to not be so by the book and to try new things, shooting and editing wise. I believe I have a little more of a way to go with that, but this was a breakthrough for me from last time, so I am excited about these. Though this was a lot more of a quick shoot rather than a fully planned concept, I think I was able to attack these visions very well. I think that this by far would have to be my favorite shoot to date. I’m happy with the way the pictures came out and I love seeing the strides that I’ve made.

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DSC_0821 (2)