Ny’Ashyah, the Niece

I want to introduce you guys to a very special little lady I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with over the past few weeks. My wonderful and precious niece, Ny’Ashyah Chennelle [Ny-Asia shuh-nell] if that’s a little tough to pronounce. Throughout her birth, and the span of her life, I’ve been so creative and gained a lot of inspiration through Ny. My sister and I have been doing random shoots with her. It’s not only given us the chance to bond, but a chance for Ny to wear some of the clothes that she’s had yet to wear. You truly don’t realize how quickly time flies by and how much a baby really grows until you see it closely and firsthand. I’ve very blessed to have this little girl and even more excited that she’s comfortable with the camera. Below, I’m going to have a few of the different shoots and outfits I’ve done with my little niece. It’s been so much fun better my craft and having her as a subject to practice with. With more time and photos, I’ll be adding more shoots with the baby. Hope you enjoy Ny. You’ll be seeing a lot of her.

“Welcome to the World”

“30 Days”

“Pink & Gold”

“Mommy & Me”


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