Meeting in the Ladies Room

I always enjoy the moments where I can link up with my best friend Le’Ashia and have our time to catch up, be girls, and of course take pictures. After service, we decided to do a mini photoshoot and get some shots in. The bathroom is kind of like our place to meet up and have conversations. Not to mention the lighting is super essential whenever we take pictures. I’m sure many girls can agree with us in that department. Lol

Got a candid of Lee in the mirror. [Black and White with a Sepia photo filter] [18-55mm lens]
Pink Filter to bring out the bomber jacket. [18-55mm lens]
Vibrance Adjustment and Pink Filter [18-55mm lens]
Black and White. “When Bae looks Good.” [18-55mm lens]
Black and White adjustment with Sepia Photo filter. The pose was planned as well. [18-55mm lens]

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