Christmas Treeat

Hoping that everyone had a happy holiday ! Last week at church service, the old reliable christmas tree and present boxes were set up in the middle of the dining hall. I never hesitate to take a picture in front of the tree and really grasping the feels of the Christmas season. This year, I didn’t have one set up at home so this felt pretty close to that. Now having Rewby, I thought it would be dope to get some shots of the tree and some of the decorations around the church. I also didn’t waste the opportunity to get my best friend, Le’Ashia involved and do a couple of shots of each other. She was a natural and made it so much more comfortable. A way that we bond is when we hype each other up and take pictures so this was so much fun for me. Rewby has become so essential to me when I go to church, almost like my accessories.

Shot of the middle of the Christmas tree (18-52 mm lens)
Shot of the present box presentation underneath the tree w// the Fuchsia UV lens filter. (18-55mm lens)
Second shot of the present box presentation underneath the tree with the clear UV lens filter. (18-55mm lens)
Zoom shot of the middle of the Christmas Tree (70-300 mm lens)
DSC_0223 copy
Bell Decoration set up over the Sunday School booklets shelf. (18-55mm lens)
Le’Ashia striking a pose. So much of a difference from our smartphones. (18-55mm lens)
Go to pose (18-55mm lens)
In front of the camera for once. Fuchsia Photo Filter (18-55mm lens)
Altered Shadows and Highlights (18-55mm lens)


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