Baptisms and Blessings

Happy New Year ! I’m looking forward to what this year has to bring for Veezy Vibetime Creations, as well as Rewby. Yesterday, I went back to church after a few weeks of working and dealing with some health issues. It felt great to be back and of course behind the camera just getting some shots in. This was a special sunday because my little cousin, Calijah, was getting baptized. My aunt asked me to get a picture of him and of course I agreed to do so. I went through a baptism about 12-13 years ago so of course I was happy to see the traditions going on within the younger generations of my family. I was able to get some cool shots while the baptism went on as well as the right hand of fellowship, when everyone from the church went around to give Calijah love and appreciation for joining the church and becoming a member, which came with the baptism. This was not only a great service, but also a great day seeing a young man being baptized. So beautiful of an experience.


Reverend Giles leading the congregation in prayer over Calijah’s baptism. [18-55mm lens]
Quick shot of Calijah and Reverend Giles before going under the water. [18-55mm lens]
Wonderful timing of a shot I got from Calijah going under the water. I’m still amazed by this one. [18-55mm lens]
Enhanced shot after the end of the baptism. Look at the smile on Calijah’s face. [18-55mm lens]
Congratulations again to Calijah. [18-55mm lens]
Right hand of fellowship: Calijah being welcomed by members of the church [70-300mm lens]
Calijah and my aunt (his great-grandmother) sharing a meaningful hug during service. [70-300mm lens]
Calijah hugging my other aunt and receiving lots of love. [70-300mm lens]
Calijah and the Co-Chairman of the deacon board (my grandfather) discussing mentors. [70-300mm lens]

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