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HART of the Ring

Hey guys! Today's post is for the wrestling fans out there. A couple of months back, I created a tribute design of Bret Hart. The idea came from Cyborg, which I expected because Cy is a die-hard wrestling fan. I... Continue Reading →

Hard in the [Body] Paint

Yesterday was a very smooth sailing day for me. I was able to get out one design. Usually, my number is a bit higher than that when it comes to getting artwork done in a day. This new design surely... Continue Reading →

Wrestler’s Nostalgia (Tag Teams)

Something that I love about my life is the things and hobbies that I have experienced when I was younger. I used to be a huge fan of wrestling (WCW, WCW, WWE). I always watched with my cousins. I grew... Continue Reading →

Wrestler’s Nostalgia

Growing up, I considered myself to have tomboy tendencies. Had a lot of guy cousins and neighbors around my age so it wasn't hard to pick up a lot of habits. Playing with dirt, throwing rocks and sticks, video games,... Continue Reading →

The DIVA Wears Red.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of wrestling, preferably WWE and WCW. After a while, I had slowly stopped watching and lost a lot of interest. Cyborg is still a huge fan and had brought up a reality show... Continue Reading →

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