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(Girl Meets) A (Snoh) Storm

Let's take it back to last week in the spirit of Throwback Thursday since tomorrow is a Thursday. (I didn't get much of a chance to post last week so I'm posting now.) Last week was a crazy and creative... Continue Reading →

The Psychedelic Huxtable.

For a few nights now, I've been binging on some sitcom DVDs, mostly The Cosby Show. I grew up watching the reruns on TV occasionally. I laugh still as if it's my first time watching the episodes. Actress Lisa Bonet,... Continue Reading →

Made of J.Lo.

Over this past weekend, I've gotten inspired to work on a subject of Hispanic decent. Looking over a lot of my recent work, I've realized that I barely have any subjects. Then the idea came to me to use Jennifer... Continue Reading →


I've been becoming more fond of the watercolor technique and the amazing things and visuals I've been able to create with them. I made a decision to focus more on older and vintage subjects rather than the modern-day people I... Continue Reading →

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