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Nova’s Starter Pack

Happy Monday! Today, I wanted to take it back a  little bit with my designs. Around a month or two ago, I was given a new laptop computer to continue my artwork with. I named her Nova, which comes from... Continue Reading →

An Apollonia A Day…

One of my favorite movies I watched growing up was Purple Rain. Cyborg gave me the DVD some months back, and though I don't watch the movie all that often, I always get inspired whenever I do. This week, Cy... Continue Reading →

Mercedes Girl

One of my favorites shows, well I should now say past-time shows, was Glee. Not only was I a fan of the storylines and the singing, but the characters themselves. "Mercedes Jones", played by Amber Riley, was my favorite. I... Continue Reading →

Oriental Opus

I've been on this kick lately between subject designs and watercolors. I'm happy about the groove it's been getting me into. After creating the design of SZA last week, I was excited to get into this next design, with singer,... Continue Reading →

The Nubian Merida

For the past couple of days, I've been putting myself on to a new artist, well new to my library, named SZA. I love her sounds and a few of her songs. The reason I started getting into SZA is... Continue Reading →

Native Homage

This design is very special to me. A very long time ago, I created a design of the subject, Usher, back when I first started creating designs. Since then, I haven't had the chance to use Usher again, mind you... Continue Reading →

The Fella Frenzy

Happy Easter ! It's been a busy week and I'm so excited to share the new designs of the week. I've been thinking a lot about the previous posts, and since I dedicated a post to all female subjects (No... Continue Reading →

The Lyric Display (pt. 2)

After creating the design of Mark Ronson, the feedback was so amazing and it inspired me to continue on with the element of typography and incorporating it into artwork. I'm not sure if it's my best quality when it comes... Continue Reading →


Last post, I introduced myself into the world of designing with rock subjects (ROCK The Clock). After completing those four designs, I got into a design of Freddie Mercury (Queen). I was pretty pumped about this one because I did... Continue Reading →

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