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Vermilion Venom

Good morning guys. I'm excited to showcase today's design mainly because the primary color focus is my favorite color in the entire world , Red ! It's very seldom that I get the chance to use the color red in... Continue Reading →

Cracked Perfection

For a couple of my recent designs, I wanted to try out an old reliable resource that I use, cracked textures. I usually only use cracked textures for my manipulation designs to give whoever's face I work on a realistic... Continue Reading →

The Upgrade (Brittanya)

Around 2 years ago, I created an enhancement design of model Brittanya Razavi (O'Campo at the time.) It was a simple enhancement design, but I was super proud of what I did. Brittanya is a beautiful girl with tattoos and... Continue Reading →

Ariana Squared.

This is my new and second design of singer/actress Ariana Grande. Doing this design was special for me because not only am I a fan of Ariana Grande, but I did a design of her around a year or two... Continue Reading →

Animal Mayhem (Katy Perry)

Since the year began, I wanted to try new elements with my designing. Animals have been my new technique. I love the intensity that they have brought to my work and I've become comfortable with them. This new design was... Continue Reading →

Pin Up.

Today, I watched the movie musical, West Side Story, for the first time and I got highly inspired. My close friend Cyborg told me how great the movie was and it exceeded all of my expectations. I'm a fan of... Continue Reading →

Diva Design

This is a new design of singer, Claudette Ortiz , formerly of City High & star of the show R&B Divas LA. I've recently started watching the show and took notice mainly of Claudette, because she reminded me a lot... Continue Reading →

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