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Hard in the [Body] Paint

Yesterday was a very smooth sailing day for me. I was able to get out one design. Usually, my number is a bit higher than that when it comes to getting artwork done in a day. This new design surely... Continue Reading →

J’dore Morgan.

One day on the radio, I heard a song called, "Call My Name", which was a remake of the song by Prince back around 2004 or so. I had no idea who sang it, but I thought it was a... Continue Reading →

Class in Session

A couple of months ago, I enrolled myself in a class online at SkillShare, taught by one of my artistic influences Chuck Anderson ( For such a long time I've been so inspired by the way Chuck creates his work.... Continue Reading →

Vine-Stein / Break of Dawn

Happy November from the VVC Blog! It's been a  little slow of a week, due to some personal things going on as well as a little lack of inspiration. Took me a little bit of time to really come back... Continue Reading →

Diva Design (pt. 2)

Over the last few years, I've become less fond of television, mainly because I now go long without watching it. However, when I do, I love shows that surround the element of music. One show that I love is R&B... Continue Reading →


Today was a great day for me and my sense of creativity. Since doing a great job with all of the watercolors (previous posts), I decided to go back to the comfort of the subject designs. I spent a little... Continue Reading →

Cartoon Character (Yung Luno)

I was recently approached by a recording rap artist I occasionally work with from the Texas area. He goes by the name of Yung Luno (@YungLuno on Twitter). He was inspired by my previous cartoon design of dancer DeVaughn Ragston... Continue Reading →

Audrey .

Last night, I was surfing the internet,  looking for some inspiration for new techniques and styles to incorporate into my editing. I came across the watercolor technique. I had plans a while before to work with this style but I... Continue Reading →

Bronze Me, Ri-Ri!

Last night, I was brainstorming and trying to decide who I'd use for some of my next subject designs. Since I had been working on shirt designs all of last week going into the weekend, I wanted to go back... Continue Reading →

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