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The 5th Color Royalty.

I just got the news a few days ago that B.B King passed away. Blues was never a genre that I've listened to very much, but I had knowledge of King and his music. I knew him best from being... Continue Reading →

The Character Crossover

I've been going back and forth when it comes to my inspiration of Disney character and all they're about. The Disneystalgia watercolors, the princess inspired designs, and something else that has really been sitting in my mind: the Crossover Design... Continue Reading →

Kendrick Kickoff

Happy New year from me here on the Veezy Vibetime Creations blog. I'm excited to start off the new year with some great planning as well as some amazing designs. The holiday and week has been a little slow but... Continue Reading →

Willy & The Wiz.

As a new week has just begun, I've been trying to start thinking a little bit differently as an artist. My creative process over the past weekend has not exactly changed, but has become a little more open to trying... Continue Reading →

“Maria, Maria”.

After discovering the new watercolor technique last week. I've made it a habit of continuing to practice it. After working on Audrey Hepburn,  I decided to keep the subject choice focus on older actresses and the vintage era. I got... Continue Reading →

Pin Up.

Today, I watched the movie musical, West Side Story, for the first time and I got highly inspired. My close friend Cyborg told me how great the movie was and it exceeded all of my expectations. I'm a fan of... Continue Reading →

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