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Sevynth Power

Good morning from the #VVC Blog. It's been a busy week with the art and I'm excited to showcase some new things. I'll start off with the latest design from last week. I decided to revisit a subject that I... Continue Reading →


The inspiration just keeps coming and coming. After creating the designs of Anna Kendrick and Morgan James, I was inspired to create another design, totalling 3 in one day. When I'm able to create so many designs a day, it... Continue Reading →

Cracked Perfection

For a couple of my recent designs, I wanted to try out an old reliable resource that I use, cracked textures. I usually only use cracked textures for my manipulation designs to give whoever's face I work on a realistic... Continue Reading →

The 90s Capsule

Today has been a great day for Veezy Vibetime Creations. I found out last night that the blog hit 15K views, and I woke up to my mentions booming on twitter about the 24K Gold design of David Correy. I... Continue Reading →

The MGK Experience

One of the best parts of being a girl and having emotions is the idea of crushes and little moments of attraction. I'm a huge lover of music, television, and performing in general. I like many rappers and singers. Many... Continue Reading →

Case of the “X”

One thing that I enjoy about being an artist,  is the connection I have to music and what it represents. I'm a huge lover of music, of artists and their sounds. One of my favorite artists is singer Chris Brown.... Continue Reading →

The Red Ora.

Due to the roller coaster of this week, its been a bit hard for me to add some new posts to the blog. Now that I've got some time, I'm finally able to showcase some new designs. In the beginning... Continue Reading →


Sunday night, I tuned into to watch the MTV Video Music Awards and I must say that the show was amazing to me. There were a lot of great performances and moments. I knew deep down that watching the show... Continue Reading →

Tales of an Underestimated Feline

Monday was far from a fun day for me. I went through a little of an emotional dilemma. But hey, don't we all ? I sat down long and hard to think about how I wanted to challenge some of... Continue Reading →

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