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ROCK the Clock

It's  been an amazing experience creating artwork with different kinds of subjects. A couple of weeks back, I was going through a lot of my artwork from summer of 2013. I broke into the world of Rock and Roll artists,... Continue Reading →

Gorillas in the City

This is my single artwork for recording artist Cyborg and his newly-released track Gorillas In The City. I completed this design around the summer going into fall of 2013. Cyborg and I came up with this metallic-like scheme idea and... Continue Reading →

The Silver & Royal Blues. (Zendaya)

Due to the great feedback from the Paint Me Gold! design of Sevyn Streeter, I got very inspired to stick to the metallic color scheme for my next design. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who... Continue Reading →

Music is Love.

Yesterday, I came across a talented singer named Anthony Martinez. He was singing one of my favorite disney songs, A Whole New World. It gave me some great inspiration. I recently did a design called Dance is Life inspired by... Continue Reading →

Paint Me Gold! (Sevyn Streeter)

I've recently become inspired by metallics and a texture that stands out to me is Gold. What's funny is that I've worked with Gold before but it's one of my challenging spots as an editor. I spent a lot of... Continue Reading →

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