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Praise to Purple Rain

A few nights ago, I was watching the classic movie Purple Rain, starring the legendary Prince. I was borrowing the movie from my friend Cyborg. It was my first time having seen the movie from beginning to end but it... Continue Reading →

Audrey .

Last night, I was surfing the internet,  looking for some inspiration for new techniques and styles to incorporate into my editing. I came across the watercolor technique. I had plans a while before to work with this style but I... Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Selena

Earlier in the week, I was explaining my process of picking four different subjects to use for designs. I recently used Rihanna for the first design. The second person I chose was singer, Selena. I came up with her as... Continue Reading →

Michael Jackson

Last night, I was listening to some of my older music and got a great idea to do a design. It's been a few weeks or so since I've done my last design and I wanted to try something way... Continue Reading →

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