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Meet the Johnsons (Cover Artwork)

Aside from the cartoon inspired watercolors and the work of the 300th post, my close friend Cyborg and I have been working super hard with his upcoming project, All My Tomorrows II: Meet the Johnsons. The process has been very... Continue Reading →

Leopards & Tylenol (Music Video) I'm super excited to announce the official release for my great friend and teammate Cyborg and his second single, "Leopards & Tylenol" off of his project,  All My Tomorrows: Tantor. I've been waiting for a while for the video... Continue Reading →

Disneystalgia (pt. 2)

Whenever I find myself stuck or at a block on what to design, I always make myself do a Disney Inspired watercolor design. This is probably the best decision creative wise that I've done. It gives me a sense of... Continue Reading →

The Cartoon Known as Cyborg

As most of my regular readers know, I refer a lot to one of my close friends and recording artist, Cyborg. Being my biggest supporter,¬†we discuss and share so many ideas about art and music, sometimes even our fashion senses.... Continue Reading →

People Like Me (Music Video) I want to give a special shoutout to my friend Cyborg on the release of his first music video, "People Like Me" which is now up on YouTube. This is a great moment for him and a great moment... Continue Reading →

Cyborg REloaded

Earlier today, I came across an older and the very first design of Cyborg, that I did a few years back. As I continued to look at it, I got inspired and since I didn't have anything major planned to... Continue Reading →

#IndieEntries (Saving My Youth)

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with Cyborg. We were discussing the feedback of his recent project, All My Tomorrows: Tantor He was showing me a few of the reviews and got really inspired from the support he's been getting.... Continue Reading →

Rules Of The Jungle (Single Artwork)

This is my latest single artwork design for recording artist Cyborg and his track "Rules of the Jungle" off of the project All My Tomorrows: Tantor, which was recently released for listening and download on SoundCloud. The concept for this... Continue Reading →

#Tantor (Album Art)

Today, recording artist Cyborg released his new project All My Tomorrows: Tantor. You can listen to and download the project here @ ( Congratulations to my close friend on his release and I highly recommend you guys check out this... Continue Reading →

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