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Interesting title huh? Well, for this design, I can honestly say that I've pushed many limits and exceeded a lot of expectations about myself. I decided to follow suit with the Hooked on Comics series and use an actor from... Continue Reading →

The Character Crossover

I've been going back and forth when it comes to my inspiration of Disney character and all they're about. The Disneystalgia watercolors, the princess inspired designs, and something else that has really been sitting in my mind: the Crossover Design... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration of Indigo.

Last monday was a tough start to the week. Pressure from personal issues and emotions really got me down. I knew in my heart that I wanted and NEEDED to design something therapeutic to take my mind off of my... Continue Reading →

Leopards & Tylenol (Music Video) I'm super excited to announce the official release for my great friend and teammate Cyborg and his second single, "Leopards & Tylenol" off of his project,  All My Tomorrows: Tantor. I've been waiting for a while for the video... Continue Reading →

Bey-ing Parallel

For this design, I wanted to step into a new kind of territory and try something a little different from my usual designs. I had a lot of trouble at first with this edit, but talking to Cyborg made an... Continue Reading →

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