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Have Confidence.

Aside from keeping busy and trying to get out some new designs, it's been a rough few days personally for me. I've been having some trouble with my confidence and believing in myself. Usually I try not to share my... Continue Reading →

Drawing vs Editing (Brave)

I want to take some time to revisit the past. One thing that I love about being an artist is collaborating with other artists. One of my best friends, Le'Ashia aka Lady Graffiti, is a drawing artist and specializes in... Continue Reading →

Stopping to th(INK). (Kid Ink)

Lately, I've been huge with my love for these designs of celebrity subjects. They boost a lot of my creativity as well as my confidence as an artist. I worry sometimes if I stay in a certain style for a... Continue Reading →

Drawing vs. Editing (Boom)

I teamed up once again with my bestfriend and drawing artist , Le'Ashia "Lady Graffiti" Langley. She recently sent me her newest artwork, a graffiti drawing of the word "Boom", inspired off of some emotions. I instantly was drawn to... Continue Reading →

Zoë 101.

This is my latest subject design of Divergent actress, Zoë Kravitz, who happens to be the daughter of Lenny Kravitz. I got the inspiration to do Zoe very randomly and last minute. I've noticed how different I am with my... Continue Reading →

FrameMadonna !

I just finished this design a few minutes ago and I am absolutely blown away with how amazing this just came out. I chose Madonna as my subject because of how iconic she is and also the raunchy but sensual... Continue Reading →

Dance is Life.

One of my newer promo designs, subject being of one of best friends Le'Ashia ('Lady Graffiti'). After our recent collaboration on the 'Strong' Graffiti design, she reached out to me and sent me an amazing dance video of the Les... Continue Reading →

#FansignFriday (‘Lady Graffiti’, CT)

This week's fansign comes from one of my best friends and graffiti-drawing artist Le'Ashia 'Lady Graffiti' Langley. Considering our recent collaboration, I thought it would be perfect to use her for this week's #FansignFriday feature. One of my favorite fansigns... Continue Reading →

Drawing vs. Editing (Strong Graffiti)

Lately I've been brainstorming and trying to come up with new ways to better perfect my restoration skills. I decided to team up with drawing artist and one of my best friends Le'Ashia 'Lady Graffiti' Langley ( We've been talking... Continue Reading →

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