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Last post, I introduced myself into the world of designing with rock subjects (ROCK The Clock). After completing those four designs, I got into a design of Freddie Mercury (Queen). I was pretty pumped about this one because I did... Continue Reading →

Sevynth Power

Good morning from the #VVC Blog. It's been a busy week with the art and I'm excited to showcase some new things. I'll start off with the latest design from last week. I decided to revisit a subject that I... Continue Reading →


Cyborg is truly the man. I appreciate him for helping me out and sending this list. I've been able to not only get things done accordingly, but I've fallen more in love with the idea of vintage and the older... Continue Reading →

The Upgrade (Brittanya)

Around 2 years ago, I created an enhancement design of model Brittanya Razavi (O'Campo at the time.) It was a simple enhancement design, but I was super proud of what I did. Brittanya is a beautiful girl with tattoos and... Continue Reading →

Nicki 3.0

A few months back, I created a gold and black design (From Nicki to Nicki) of rapper Nicki Minaj. For a while now, I've been trying to redeem myself from the last design. I mean I was satisfied with it,... Continue Reading →

Hayden the Heroine

Hey guys. It's been a little of a slow week. The weather change got to me so I haven't gotten much of a chance to design. Today is a better day and I'm back to feeling like myself. I'm super... Continue Reading →

Lady in Lace

Today I decided to dip back into the list of subjects that Cyborg gave me to help me spark my creativity. The focus today was to do as many designs as I could. One that stands out to me is... Continue Reading →

Homage to Nefertiti

Forgive me for not posting much. This has been a bit of a hard week for me. Luckily I've been able to really keep busy with artwork and keep a creative mindset. Due to the mood I've been in, which... Continue Reading →

Vine-Stein / Break of Dawn

Happy November from the VVC Blog! It's been a  little slow of a week, due to some personal things going on as well as a little lack of inspiration. Took me a little bit of time to really come back... Continue Reading →

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