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Interesting title huh? Well, for this design, I can honestly say that I've pushed many limits and exceeded a lot of expectations about myself. I decided to follow suit with the Hooked on Comics series and use an actor from... Continue Reading →

Nocturnal DEMIse

Sunday night was a great experience with my creativity. I was able to create not just the watercolor of Adrian Marcel, but also a design of singer Demi Lovato. I was able to come across such a daring photo to... Continue Reading →

Hayden the Heroine

Hey guys. It's been a little of a slow week. The weather change got to me so I haven't gotten much of a chance to design. Today is a better day and I'm back to feeling like myself. I'm super... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 7)

I tuned into the premiere last night of Gotham on Fox. Having already been on this new love for comics, I was excited to get into the show. I must say that it was an amazing first episode. A lot... Continue Reading →

The Disney in Disneystalgia.

All week, I've been working on designs, putting emphasis on my love for Disney movies and characters. It's been an amazing process of consistency and creativity and I've had so much fun doing these. Today, I decided to do something... Continue Reading →

The Red Ora.

Due to the roller coaster of this week, its been a bit hard for me to add some new posts to the blog. Now that I've got some time, I'm finally able to showcase some new designs. In the beginning... Continue Reading →

An Owl’s Presence…

I'm an artist that appreciates a lot of the simple things. I love the elements of color, intensity, shapes, all of that great stuff. Since the beginning of the year, I've been exploring the element of animals with my artwork.... Continue Reading →

Crown Me Maleficent.

Last thursday, I went to the movies to see the new film, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. I have to say how amazing the movie was. A bonus for me was seeing it in 3D. A lot of different elements in... Continue Reading →


So, I had some left over photos from yesterday when I did the design of Stephen Amell from Arrow. I was so inspired by his character when he plays the superhero, that I wanted to recreate that a little bit... Continue Reading →

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