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The L.E.A.P project

Aside from digital art, I love to sketch random, yet meaningful designs. Around two months back or so, I started creating a potential tattoo design for myself, incase I wanted to get a tat later down the road. From what... Continue Reading →

Have Confidence.

Aside from keeping busy and trying to get out some new designs, it's been a rough few days personally for me. I've been having some trouble with my confidence and believing in myself. Usually I try not to share my... Continue Reading →

Self Love.

Today was another episode of the infamous #ThrowbackThursday on social media. Decided to get into the spirit myself and find an older photo of myself. I came across a post-hairwashing selfie and might I say I was having a pretty... Continue Reading →

Disneystalgia (pt. 2)

Whenever I find myself stuck or at a block on what to design, I always make myself do a Disney Inspired watercolor design. This is probably the best decision creative wise that I've done. It gives me a sense of... Continue Reading →

The Red Ora.

Due to the roller coaster of this week, its been a bit hard for me to add some new posts to the blog. Now that I've got some time, I'm finally able to showcase some new designs. In the beginning... Continue Reading →

Diva Design (pt. 2)

Over the last few years, I've become less fond of television, mainly because I now go long without watching it. However, when I do, I love shows that surround the element of music. One show that I love is R&B... Continue Reading →

A Flower that Blossomed out of Concrete

Have you sat a wondered sometimes about trying new things? I do quite often when it comes to my designs. I love to keep my ideas and my techniques fresh and meaningful. Today's design to me, represented that well. I've... Continue Reading →

Tales of an Underestimated Feline

Monday was far from a fun day for me. I went through a little of an emotional dilemma. But hey, don't we all ? I sat down long and hard to think about how I wanted to challenge some of... Continue Reading →

Where the Wild Thing Is.

I'm starting to believe a lot more in the element of spontaneity. Yesterday, I was retouching a few photos of myself from a Sunday. I didn't really have plans to design anything because of an artistic block I was dealing... Continue Reading →

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