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Happy June! After the daily posting challenge I gave myself last month, I decided to take a little time off the blog and try to focus on getting some work done as well as enjoy another year of life. I... Continue Reading →

One Last Ride

Around a month or so ago, the movie Fast and Furious 7 came out. It was the first movie of the series after Paul Walker passed away. I was so inspired by the love for Paul from fans and the... Continue Reading →

Revisit to Disneystalgia pt. 3

After creating the design of Pinocchio, I did a second Disney watercolor of Darkwing Duck. I was first introduced to DW late last year, going into this year by Cyborg. Darkwing had a series in the 90s era and I... Continue Reading →

The 5th Color Royalty.

I just got the news a few days ago that B.B King passed away. Blues was never a genre that I've listened to very much, but I had knowledge of King and his music. I knew him best from being... Continue Reading →

ROCK the Clock

It's  been an amazing experience creating artwork with different kinds of subjects. A couple of weeks back, I was going through a lot of my artwork from summer of 2013. I broke into the world of Rock and Roll artists,... Continue Reading →

Coming of Rage I'm excited to announce that my close friend Cyborg has released his 3rd project, All My Tomorrows III: Coming of Rage. I had the amazing opportunity of being a part of the journey, from the live studio session, the... Continue Reading →

The Element of Creativity

Today, I decided to take a day off from doing some designs and simply just break out my good ol' sketchbook. I felt a lot and really just wanted to channel some inner thoughts. The word of the day for... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration of Indigo.

Last monday was a tough start to the week. Pressure from personal issues and emotions really got me down. I knew in my heart that I wanted and NEEDED to design something therapeutic to take my mind off of my... Continue Reading →

The MGK Experience

One of the best parts of being a girl and having emotions is the idea of crushes and little moments of attraction. I'm a huge lover of music, television, and performing in general. I like many rappers and singers. Many... Continue Reading →

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