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DC Comics

Scream Tease

Happy Monday ! I'm excited to showcase today's design. After have a week of different assignments for some clients, I couldn't wait to get back into the swing of creating some designs. I decided to get some help again with... Continue Reading →

Vermilion Venom

Good morning guys. I'm excited to showcase today's design mainly because the primary color focus is my favorite color in the entire world , Red ! It's very seldom that I get the chance to use the color red in... Continue Reading →

The Inspiration of Indigo.

Last monday was a tough start to the week. Pressure from personal issues and emotions really got me down. I knew in my heart that I wanted and NEEDED to design something therapeutic to take my mind off of my... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 7)

I tuned into the premiere last night of Gotham on Fox. Having already been on this new love for comics, I was excited to get into the show. I must say that it was an amazing first episode. A lot... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 6)

Today's been a little more of a creative one compared to my others. Aside from a last minute subject design, I was able to grab a little bit of free time. For a little while, I was just messing around... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 5)

Now, I can explain ! Another post about my new love for comics? Absolutely. However, for the first time ever, I've read and finished a comic book: The Flash. The TV show actually premiers on the CW in a few... Continue Reading →

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