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The Inspiration of Indigo.

Last monday was a tough start to the week. Pressure from personal issues and emotions really got me down. I knew in my heart that I wanted and NEEDED to design something therapeutic to take my mind off of my... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 6)

Today's been a little more of a creative one compared to my others. Aside from a last minute subject design, I was able to grab a little bit of free time. For a little while, I was just messing around... Continue Reading →

Ketchup & Mustard

A few days ago, my close friend Cyborg came out to my town for a visit. He brought some movies for us to watch and one of the first we saw was a classic, Dick Tracy. I've actually never seen... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 5)

Now, I can explain ! Another post about my new love for comics? Absolutely. However, for the first time ever, I've read and finished a comic book: The Flash. The TV show actually premiers on the CW in a few... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 4)

Comics have become a new source of inspiration to me and I love the sense of imagination I've been able to build because of them. For this next design, I used actress and Arrow star, Katie Cassidy. After using Colton... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 3)

As in a couple of my previous posts with designs of Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, I decided to carry on with my inspiration from the show Arrow on the CW, and focus on another one of the characters,... Continue Reading →

Willy & The Wiz.

As a new week has just begun, I've been trying to start thinking a little bit differently as an artist. My creative process over the past weekend has not exactly changed, but has become a little more open to trying... Continue Reading →


So, I had some left over photos from yesterday when I did the design of Stephen Amell from Arrow. I was so inspired by his character when he plays the superhero, that I wanted to recreate that a little bit... Continue Reading →

Hooked on Comics (pt. 2)

As explained in my previous post (Hooked on Comics), I've grown fond of the show Arrow on the CW. After doing the design of Emily Bett Rickards, I was inspired by the relationship between the characters of Felicity Smoak and... Continue Reading →

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