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The Edible Effect [FUNNY STORYTIME]

I got inspired to do a little designing and try to occupy my mind from some stressful thoughts I've been having. I originally was editing some photos for a recent promotion I was doing for a hat brand, but I... Continue Reading →

The Double Dolan Project

For a while now, I've wanted to test some of my limits and try some things that I've never done before. For the the first time ever, I've accomplished the task of making two separate designs form into one. Confused?... Continue Reading →

Vinestein (Squared)

I'm a lover of watching funny videos, like vine compilations and things like that. Recently, I've gotten into The Dolan twins (Grayson and Ethan Dolan), a couple of popular vine users who are twin brothers. I've been watching different compilations... Continue Reading →

Vine-Stein pt. 2

More and more, I'm becoming obsessed with funny vines and videos. I love to laugh and watch other people have fun. Over the weekend I spent a lot of my down time watching Vine compilations and got inspired to continue... Continue Reading →

Willy & The Wiz.

As a new week has just begun, I've been trying to start thinking a little bit differently as an artist. My creative process over the past weekend has not exactly changed, but has become a little more open to trying... Continue Reading →


I've been becoming more fond of the watercolor technique and the amazing things and visuals I've been able to create with them. I made a decision to focus more on older and vintage subjects rather than the modern-day people I... Continue Reading →

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