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Veezy the Cartoon

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday. Today's design is a cartoon character of myself. I'm very excited to showcase this edit, FINALLY!. I created this I'll say around a month or two ago. Somehow it never made it's way... Continue Reading →

Revisit to Disneystalgia pt. 3

After creating the design of Pinocchio, I did a second Disney watercolor of Darkwing Duck. I was first introduced to DW late last year, going into this year by Cyborg. Darkwing had a series in the 90s era and I... Continue Reading →

Revisit to Disneystalgia (pt. 2)

Good afternoon. I'm excited to be back in Disney territory with my art, once again. After creating the design of Lilo and Stitch, I was unsure if I wanted to continue with Disney inspired designs. Took a huge break from... Continue Reading →

The Looniest Toon of All

Last week, I was having a bad day and artistically I was doing my best to take myself out of the funk I had been in. For a little while now I had been playing around with the idea of... Continue Reading →

The Character Crossover

I've been going back and forth when it comes to my inspiration of Disney character and all they're about. The Disneystalgia watercolors, the princess inspired designs, and something else that has really been sitting in my mind: the Crossover Design... Continue Reading →

Revisit to Disneystalgia.

A couple of nights back, I hopped on to Netflix to watch a movie that Cyborg suggested to me, called Stitch: The Movie. Being a fan of Lilo and Stitch and never having seen this movie was a great reason... Continue Reading →

Hoppin’ Over to Acme

In my last post, I talked about my work overload of designs. Having been super inspired, with the help of Cyborg, I was able to come up with some new ideas for potential designs as well as subjects. After finishing... Continue Reading →

” Ba-Nana-Hanna Barbera”

The weekend had been a little hard when it comes to creative inspiration. Sometimes when I come to a block on what to design next I try to do a continuation of a fun project. In this situation, I went... Continue Reading →

NostalgNick Territory.

If you know me personally and well, you'd know how much of a lover I am of the 90s era and all that it's about. From just being a child period to the toys I played with, the shows I... Continue Reading →

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