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Summer Surprise Package

Hey guys. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. I'm excited because Veezy Vibetime Creations just celebrated 5 years and the consistency of designs and artwork couldn't be at a more elevated position. I'm so glad to... Continue Reading →

The Blackout Dimension.

Planning out edits for this week has been pretty difficult. Coming down from the consistency of the Disney watercolors has been quite the experience. I've had a lot of trouble trying to get back into subject designs. The process for... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Vision

This week as a while has really given me a chance to tap into my freehand complex and just create things randomly as they pop into my mind. Sunday, I was in my grandmother's car and Leona Lewis came on... Continue Reading →

The Black&White Funk

For today's new design, I decided to go back to my favorite technique of using black and white for a main color scheme. The inspiration for that bounces off of the photo, being of actor/singer Nolan Funk, this design's subject.... Continue Reading →


This is my most recent design of supermodel Naomi Campbell. At first, I thought I was out of my mind for using a subject as powerful as her. The photo searching process took a while since I had about ten... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Monster

After taking the weekend off from doing some artwork, today I created my first manipulation design after a few months. What I love about creating these is that there are no rules. I get to use my imagination to the... Continue Reading →

My, my, my, Marlon.

For this design, my inspiration came strictly off of the photos that I used for the design. I wanted to try something new and do an all grayscale design. Doing a design with this color scheme is extremely difficult for... Continue Reading →

Smoke & Neon

I came across one of my promo designs from a few months back. I realized just yesterday when I glanced at it in my phone that I never got the chance to display it here on the blog. This just... Continue Reading →

David in Pink

This is my newest design of athlete, David Beckham. The inspiration for this soft design was very last minute. For a while, on and off, I've been planning to work on an athlete. I don't have much experience with working... Continue Reading →

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