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Art History

Behind the Art.

My name is Venita, I go by Veezy Vibetime and I am an aspiring graphic designer. I've been into art since I was a child and have done designs since I was 15. Never in all of the times I've... Continue Reading →

HART of the Ring

Hey guys! Today's post is for the wrestling fans out there. A couple of months back, I created a tribute design of Bret Hart. The idea came from Cyborg, which I expected because Cy is a die-hard wrestling fan. I... Continue Reading →

Foxwell House

Not many people may know how much of a fan I am of old movies. A lot of my favorites are from the 70s and 80s era. For this design, I couldn't wait to channel my vintage interest. I got... Continue Reading →

Hoppin’ Over to Acme

In my last post, I talked about my work overload of designs. Having been super inspired, with the help of Cyborg, I was able to come up with some new ideas for potential designs as well as subjects. After finishing... Continue Reading →

Homage to Nefertiti

Forgive me for not posting much. This has been a bit of a hard week for me. Luckily I've been able to really keep busy with artwork and keep a creative mindset. Due to the mood I've been in, which... Continue Reading →

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