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For a while, I've been noticing a new method that I use when I do my designs. I take it upon myself in an edit to use japanese/Chinese prints. I'm a new admirer, if you will, of Anime and I... Continue Reading →

Zoë 101.

This is my latest subject design of Divergent actress, Zoë Kravitz, who happens to be the daughter of Lenny Kravitz. I got the inspiration to do Zoe very randomly and last minute. I've noticed how different I am with my... Continue Reading →

Bey-ing Parallel

For this design, I wanted to step into a new kind of territory and try something a little different from my usual designs. I had a lot of trouble at first with this edit, but talking to Cyborg made an... Continue Reading →

All for the Motherboard (Cyborg Design)

This is a brand new promotion design for recording artist and one of my closest friends Cyborg. We came together last minute for this design but the ending result worked out well. The inspiration for this design comes from the... Continue Reading →

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