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Summer Surprise Package

Hey guys. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. I'm excited because Veezy Vibetime Creations just celebrated 5 years and the consistency of designs and artwork couldn't be at a more elevated position. I'm so glad to... Continue Reading →

Tales of an Underestimated Feline

Monday was far from a fun day for me. I went through a little of an emotional dilemma. But hey, don't we all ? I sat down long and hard to think about how I wanted to challenge some of... Continue Reading →

An Owl’s Presence…

I'm an artist that appreciates a lot of the simple things. I love the elements of color, intensity, shapes, all of that great stuff. Since the beginning of the year, I've been exploring the element of animals with my artwork.... Continue Reading →

The Saldana Sahara

This is one of my subject designs that I created last week of actress , Zoe Saldana. The inspiration for this design was very last minute, but I felt it would be great to capture someone as exotic and beautiful... Continue Reading →


This has been a little of a harder week for the designing process due to a little of a creative block. Luckily before this took place, I was able to do a few different designs in the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

Ariana Squared.

This is my new and second design of singer/actress Ariana Grande. Doing this design was special for me because not only am I a fan of Ariana Grande, but I did a design of her around a year or two... Continue Reading →

Rules Of The Jungle (Single Artwork)

This is my latest single artwork design for recording artist Cyborg and his track "Rules of the Jungle" off of the project All My Tomorrows: Tantor, which was recently released for listening and download on SoundCloud. The concept for this... Continue Reading →

Think it ! Pink it! (Keyshia Cole)

This is my new design of singer Keyshia Cole.  A lot of the inspiration for this design came from a few previous projects (Teyana Untamed, Bey-ing Parallel, and Keeping Up with Khloe.) What made this project stand out so much... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up with Khloe!

This is my new design of Khloe Kardashian, from the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The inspiration was very last minute, even though I had planned to use Khloe as a subject for a little while now, but I... Continue Reading →

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