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Album Artwork

Meet the Johnsons (Cover Artwork)

Aside from the cartoon inspired watercolors and the work of the 300th post, my close friend Cyborg and I have been working super hard with his upcoming project, All My Tomorrows II: Meet the Johnsons. The process has been very... Continue Reading →

Gorillas in the City

This is my single artwork for recording artist Cyborg and his newly-released track Gorillas In The City. I completed this design around the summer going into fall of 2013. Cyborg and I came up with this metallic-like scheme idea and... Continue Reading →


My latest album artwork design for recording artist Rada and his newest mixtape project BlackOut , which is available for download on Soundcloud. The theme for this design was very simple but bold. I decided to do a ying-yang kind... Continue Reading →

#Tantor (Album Art)

The official cover design for upcoming artist Cyborg's project, All My Tomorrows: Tantor, to be released sometime next year. I designed this cover originally around March, but held off on leaking it because Cyborg and I wanted to wait for... Continue Reading →


New single artwork design for upcoming artist Rada's track "Gold-Blooded", designed by me. The concept for this design comes from inspirations such as the wrestler "Golddust", the movie Goldmember, and many of my manipulation designs. This artwork creates a breakthrough... Continue Reading →

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