Welcome to my blog for Veezy Vibetime Creations. This is where I will be posting my artwork, as well as my poetry, my photography. and my love for fashion/clothing. My name is Venita, but most people call me “Vee” or what I like to go by with my talents, “Veezy Vibetime”. I’m an aspiring artist from Connecticut. I would describe myself as a simple girl with a complex mind. I’ve loved the element of artistry and expressing myself ever since I was young. I have a huge eye as well as an unexplained passion for art and design and I have always believed that I was meant to be artistic, creative, and destined to one day change the world. I’m determined to make my dreams and goals a reality, and maybe even own a business someday. (Speak it into existence, right?) My art is a pure example of my personality and love of what I do, as well as the things and people who inspire me creatively. I came up with Veezy Vibetime Creations back in 2010, which is a representation of all the artwork I’ve done from then to the present. I’ve been into creating art and design since high school and now that I’m an adult, I’m always dreaming and working towards taking my talents to the next level. I transitioned into poetry around 2012 and started dipping into photography in 2017. I consider myself a beginner in this world but I believe that my mark will make a difference someday.  I’ve started up this blog not just to open up and expand my horizons, but to also catapult myself into the world and have a positive platform to show others what I’m made of and my creative passion. I create my designs on this blog solely for my personal enjoyment and to just continue learning and bettering myself for possibly bigger things in life. I hope that you enjoy following my journey of art, poetry, and photography. Get to know me artistically, and let me show you why Veezy Vibetime is a girl to pay attention to.