I’m excited to be back with a new collaboration with my one of my best friends and entrepreneur, Hone$t John for his dad hat line for Party of 1I’ve been so fortunate to see this plan and idea come together from the very beginning and almost every hat I’ve received, I always make sure to get some photos in them and show some love and support to my friend. I was most excited about the new hat that I recently received. It was an early birthday present from John, however, I felt like I was going to be the one to give him a gift. I couldn’t wait to bring some simple visions to life and help promote this hat. I even did my hair to match up and create something special. I connected a lot with this design in particular because the hat represents a tiger, which is my favorite animal. Something I also connect with is the quote, “Is it OK that I’m not OK?”, which comes from a song off of the upcoming music project that Hone$t John has coming out. I’m super excited for the things that he has going on and I’m thankful to just be a part of it.

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