I got inspired to do a little designing and try to occupy my mind from some stressful thoughts I’ve been having. I originally was editing some photos for a recent promotion I was doing for a hat brand, but I was feeling creative and decided to try out some ideas I’ve been having on one of the pictures. A few weeks ago, one of my friends sent me some inspiration for some fresh design trends to kind of give me a push to break out of my comfort zone. He thought it would be great to try some new things visually. I ended up learning a lot and I really started to fall back in love with the element of color. I thought it would be dope to test what I’ve picked up on a design, so that’s what I did. I took one of the photos I was working on and just started to play around with some colors and gradients and it was just cool to see different colors mesh so well. I was going to keep it simple and stick with one color scheme, but I actually thought it would be dope to play around with some color channels and before I knew it, something amazing started coming to fruition with the photo. All of the colors and the psychedelic vibe reminded me of the 60s era that I’ve always seen portrayed through media. The vibe was so trippy and colorful and it gave me a great idea to name the design, “The Edible Effect.” The name was inspired by a recent time that I believe is great and funny enough to share with you guys.

STORYTIME: So, I’ll say around the end of last year, beginning of this year, I was dealing with a some pain from a muscle strain at work. A friend of mine, who’s had experience with edibles, thought that me eating one would be an effective way for me to release some of the stress I was having over the pain. She believed that it would help me relax. I can’t lie, I was nervous, because I’m not really one to smoke, drink, or really engage in anything of that nature, but I was alone and in the comfort in my home and didn’t feel like she would give me anything that would harm me physically. Rereading that last sentence, I sound like such an old nerd as I talk about this. lol Anyway, it was an infused Fruity Pebble cereal bar, but as I was chewing the taste was pretty strong so I just knew in my mind that this would probably be an adventure once I started feeling the effects. For a good hour I was just chilling. I had a little snack to hold me over through the night because I didn’t want to eat up everything. I mean I was just starting my diet— okay, now I’m rambling because that doesn’t even matter. Let’s get to the good part. It was around 1-2 in the morning and I was laying down and just felt my body start to dance as I was closing my eyes. I feel like I was popping and locking in the fetus position. lol Imagine a plus size tall girl under the covers dancing like she’s about to bust a move, because that’s the best way I can describe it. I started to see a lot of colors going on. It reminded me a lot of the Disney movie Fantasia 2000. It was like music was playing as colors were changing. I felt like Alice in Wonderland almost. I even saw that smoking caterpillar. Orange, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow and Purple smoke were all in the air. It felt like a festival in my room through my eyes. Then, I got into a heated argument, with my pillow lol over not being comfy enough. I think I even threw a punch at it, like it would actually get hurt. Then I started crying because I thought I broke the top bar on my glasses. Funny thing is, there’s never been a top bar on my glasses. Next thing I know it’s ten in the morning and I wake up from what felt like the best sleep I ever had. The reason I knew all of that stuff really happened was I saw the punch marks in my pillow, my head spun a little when I woke up, my glasses were folded nicely beside me, and my legs were a little sore from all that dancing I did.

I haven’t indulged since but the story is still something I look to for some laughter. Lol truly an experience I’ll never forget. I guess I’m glad this wasn’t on video. Probably would’ve gone viral and gotten my own show. Haha but I’m so glad to realize how much my artwork shines through even some of the most random things that I experience.