So far, 2018 for me has been a huge year of risk taking, personally and artistically. As I’ve taken the time to discover and dive into different interests, it’s been a little bit tougher to connect with my art and design. Today, after a while of dealing with a dry artwork spell and some personal trials, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a design to match and represents some of the things I’ve dealt with. Around 8 months ago, I created a design called, Describe. , which was a great way for me to release a lot of things I had on my mind. The design described some traits that made me the person I am. As time has passed, I’ve become very mindful in the growth of the person I am. With this new design, I decided to put some focus on the things that I have on my mind on a daily basis. As I grow older and experience new situations, I realize how amazing of a person and artist I’d like to keep becoming. I also want to keep track visually through art of the things I care and think about and how much they matter to me. Matters of the mind right? This design means a lot to me and I believe that it’s what I needed to kind of get me back into the swing of things and creating artwork a little bit more. I’m excited for this and I hope that others can connect as I was able to connect.