Happy New Year ! It’s been a while but I’m glad to come back to the blog once more and update you all on what’s been going on. Recently, I’ve started diving into the world of DSLR and photography which can be better explained on the new page of the blog, Me & Rewby. Be sure you guys check out my shots on there. The middle of last year, my closest friend, Chad, aka Hone$t John, and I worked together to create a logo for an up and coming hat brand that he wanted to start up. Inspired by a track of his called, “Gullible”, we thought this would be wonderful and also a way to promote his new music since rebranding himself. Since then, he’s sold a few to some close family and friends and so many different colorways and hats have been made. I even supported and got a few hats myself. With getting my new camera, Chad thought it would be an amazing idea if I was to get some shots of myself with the hats on. I was apprehensive at first but I ultimately wanted to support him and have some great material. Below, I’m going to be showcasing my small collection of the hats. If you’d like a hat and to support my friend by purchasing a hat and showing some love the links will be below as well. I’m very proud of my friend and I know that these hats are destined for nothing but greatness and positive energy.

Support Hone$t John and purchase a hat here:

http://partyof1.bigcartel.com | Email: honestjohnsmusic@gmail.com

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Gullible “Purple Reign” Colorway, Khaki Hat


Gullible “Starry Knight” (Royal Blue & Yellow) Colorway, Khaki Hat


Gullible “Black Mamba” (Purple & Gold) Colorway, Black Hat