Finding inspiration is probably one of the toughest things in life, especially when you’re serious about the content and artwork that you want to create. Being a person who cares a lot about craft, it’s been difficult as of late not just finding the time, but the inspiration to create something great. After many months and a crazy schedule, I was able to create an amazing piece that is close to my heart. I’ve been fortunate to come across new people and experiences that have added a mix of thoughts and ideas to my creativity. Last night, I decided to work on a watercolor with a special subject, myself 😊. Now I’m sure this sounds narcissistic so let me explain. Lol I’ve by far been my toughest critic but also the most interesting, especially with my growth this past year alone. I came up with a great idea to actually hide my face and instead to add some traits about myself. Almost like I’m wearing who I am. There’s a lot of special and improving things about me but they all make up the kind of person that I am and for that I admire each and every one of these things about myself. It’s interesting to know that all of this was inspired by me wrapping up twists I have in my hair at the moment. I’ve been searching for days to try and create something eccentric and ethnic, but vibrant and meaningful. I believe that this did the job and I’m super excited to see what will come next for me.