I heard the news about David Bowie’s passing recently and I was pretty devastated over it. I wasn’t a listener of his music to be honest, but I was pretty aware of the legacy that he created for himself. I first found out about him through a movie I was always watching growing up, The Wedding Singer. Talk about random things, huh? Anyway, when Cyborg gave me the news about what happened, I started to let my mind process. As time went on, I got inspired to create. I already knew that a lot of artwork was being created to pay tribute to David from others, but I wanted to pay tribute as well and create a great design to honor the memory of him I do have. It isn’t much I’m sure, compared to many others, but it meant a lot to me to create this and that’s what I did. I decided to go with a watercolor. I felt that would capture what I’m trying to express the best. From all of the amazing visuals of David, it was so hard for me to find an era, decade wise, and commit to it. After many attempts I was able to finally find something to reference and build off of it. After laying that base down and making it pop a little bit, I went with a neon kind of color scheme. It reminds me a lot of the 80’s nightlife and fashion statements. I was playing around a lot with the placement, but decided that off-centered was a good choice. I added my signature into the design. When a watercolor tells a big story to me and I connect deep with it, I add in the element of my signature to show that I was there and that it’s serious for me. Like your signature on a contract, it seals the deal. It’s not much of a credit factor for me, which I’m sure people would think from the outside looking in. Even though some weeks have passed since creating this, it’s still pretty fresh for me. I’m so glad that I was inspired to do this and create an amazing design of an icon like David Bowie. This is my ribbon to the sky. Rest in Peace.


(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design: texturefabrik.com)