Happy New Year ! So excited to start another 365 of creating some amazing designs. A couple of days ago, I created a watercolor design of singer, Thomas Fiss. Being a fan of Varsity Fanclub, the group Thomas used to be a part of, I was excited to create this design. Cyborg was also pretty excited as well. He’s been amazing with helping me determine the project subjects. Many of the ones you’ll see in the future are inspired by his selections so I’m happy about that. I got a lot of inspiration for this design from the show, Gilmore Girls. I’ve been watching faithfully on Netflix for a few days. I relate a lot to the show which makes me appreciate. Also, it’s given me some great subject ideas and a cool name for this design. I went with “Great Dane”, inspired by the character “Luke Danes”, a really blue-collar kind of guy with a lumberjack, flannel kind of style to his appearance. I thought so much about him once I saw the flannel shirt come to life in the design. I went with a wilderness-meets-nature kind of feel to capture that natural and relaxed feel. I’m so in love with the design, not to mention, Thomas acknowledged it on my Instagram and I couldn’t be more excited that he appreciates it. I’m proud of this one and I’m eager to keep creating, as well as acknowledging the designs a bit more. It got a little slow in 2015 for the blog, but I hope this year is much more consistent and I pla to work hard so it will be.

(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design: texturefabrik.com)