Sunday night I tuned in to the American Music Awards and I was super excited. At first, I was only watching to see One Direction perform (I’ve become such a fan girl it’s ridiculous) but I ended up watching from beginning to end and was just getting inspired creatively left and right. The most exciting part for me was seeing the red carpet looks as well as the memorable moments and performances. It was those very things that inspired me to create this post and I thought it would be amazing , or should I say A-M-A-zing, to create some designs with some of the music artists that I loved from the event: Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Lauren Jauregui (5H), and Scarlett Leithold. A couple of the designs I created prior to the show and others over the last few days. I’ve been struggling for a while now with confidence in my artwork and I’m really glad that this show helped me jump back into the swing of things. I feel a lot better now about my craft as an artist and I’m thankful that I was able to be inspired by something that I didn’t think was possible. Art is so … A-M-A-zing.

Below I have a gallery setup with all of the designs that I’ve created. For the subject designs, the credit of the photo references go to their rightful owners.

Artwork Name: “Best Belieb” ,  watercolor design, Subject: Justin Bieber, artwork inspired by the “What Do You Mean” video. I was also fortunate to listen to the new album “Purpose” and I feel like the color scheme represents the feel of the new music well. I’ve always loved Bieber’s music so I was very excited to use him for the first time as a watercolor subject. Such a fun experience for me.
Artwork Name: “Ellie of Arendelle”, subject design, Subject: Ellie Goulding, artwork and name inspired by the movie Frozen. I think about Elsa and her magical powers of possessing ice. I also love the way that everything blends together here. I really wanted this design to tell a story, and I think I executed that well. Still such a beautiful and strong design to me.
Artwork Name: “The Bass in Black, subject design, Subject: Meghan Trainor, artwork inspiration comes from the recent design of Pia Mia called “Black Widow”. I’m so in love with the use of Black in this design. To me, it gives off such a serious vibe, but it’s also very fun and complex. Probably my favorite design out of this cluster. (Original Photo: Rolling Stone
Artwork Name: “The Lyric Display pt. 3”, watercolor design, Subject: Charlie Puth, Lyrics displayed from the song, “See You Again” performed by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth. I recently fell in love with the song and I’ve taken a liking to Charlie’s voice as well. I thought that this would be amazing to capture. I love this cool colors color scheme and how well the words blend with the composition of Charlie. I had so much fun with this one.
Artwork Name: “Mind of Mendes”, watercolor design, Subject: Shawn Mendes. A lot of the artwork inspiration comes from the design of internet sensation, Cameron Dallas. Since I came up with the name of the design prior to creating it, I thought it would be cool to capture it, therefore I chose to go with a simple face composition. Looking at this once again, I feel like I made the right decision going this route. Love how fun and fresh this design looks.
Artwork Name: “Lauren & Lovely”, watercolor design, Subject: Lauren Jauregui, of Fifth Harmony. Lauren has always been my favorite member of the group Fifth Harmony. After creating the designs of the girls, I was trying for a while to revisit Lauren but it was never possible. After watching the awards I was able to become inspired and capture her in a beautiful way. I love her overall look and style. I get such a vintage-rockstar kind of vibe from her, not to mention her voice matches up well to her look. I wanted to really recreate that vibe and go a little dark for this color scheme. I also used some pops of vibrant colors to represent the group as well. She’s so beautiful and I think I captured that well with this design.
Artwork Name: “The Scarlett Science Study”, subject design, Subject: Scarlett Leithold. First discovered who Scarlett was from her red carpet appearance on the American Music Awards. For this design, most of the inspiration came from the photo. The hairstyle gave me an idea to get really messy and weird. Over time, I thought it would be amazing to make it become a visual, decided to grab some blueprint brushes and make it look like a scientific vision, like a chart if you will. Reminds me so much of the design of Jessie J I created back when I watched the 2014 Video Music Awards.