A few days ago, I created a new watercolor design, of singer Sabi. My inspiration for the design came from a previous one I created a few years back with her as the subject (Abduzeedo Inspired). Occasionally I like to go back and look at designs that made me feel good and still cross my mind. Those are the designs that lift me up and help me remember why I’m doing art and how much it means to me. Lately, I’ve lost a little of my confidence so it’s been important to me to try and remind myself artistically that I have to try to keep my spirits up, especially if I want to eventually change the world with my art someday. I thought it would be cool to use Sabi again and made some art come to life. I went with a watercolor technique, since I’ve never used it with her before. My idea of a color scheme really didn’t hit me until the last minute. I used the first design for inspiration but kind of ended up going my own way, which I always kind of do. I love the idea of all secondary colors because I usually don’t put them together too much. This was a really smart way to test them out. I get a very exotic, island kind of vibe when I see them bouncing off of Sabi, like I’m on a getaway somewhere. I like how the design takes me away and gives me something amazing and bold to look at. I love the vibe that this design gives me and I’m extremely satisfied knowing how well it comes together.


(Watercolor Background Texture used for this design: texturefabrik.com)